1 Features

Buddy is a digital tool to support therapy services. Clients use text messaging to keep a daily diary of what they are doing and how they are feeling, helping to spot and reinforce positive behaviours.

  • Daily diary

    Allow your clients to use SMS or web to record moods and activities

  • Analysis tools

    Enable users to reflect on and understand their own condition

  • Behaviour change tools

    Clients can set and receive timely goal reminders by SMS

  • Session planning

    Remind users of appointments and enable them to set the agenda

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2 Vision

The future is bridging formal and informal care

Buddy believes the best outcomes are realised when we bring together formal professional-led services, and informal people-powered care.

We want to see the NHS benefit from the emergence of cheaper, accessible, consumer technologies, and we want to see technology benefit from the experience and human support that professionals can best provide.

Services should wrap around life, not life around therapy

We believe the rise of mobile phones is giving us an opportunity for therapy to be more than something you go to. Or even something that you sit in front of a computer and do, somehow apart from the rest of your life.

Buddy uses SMS to make keeping a record of how you are feeling and how you are doing, a simple task that can be accomplished whenever, wherever you are, quickly and discretely. This is care with the person and their life at the centre.

Give people control of their sessions and they will come

In this time of constraint, it has never been more important to improve service efficiencies, and the high number of missed appointments is a key problem. Our insight is that the problem isn’t people forgetting, but that they don't feel in control of the sessions.

Buddy is built on the principle that appointment reminders are good (which is why we have them), but that people are more likely to turn up if we can enable them to set the agenda for their session and they are driving their own care.

Just enough technology. Never enough design.

Health software has too often been built from a systems-centric view, and rarely considers a user's point of view. This is the road to expensive IT projects that people never wanted to or can't use.

Buddy believes in starting with users and giving them a delightful experience. We'll never succumb to building lots of features, or assuming everyone has a smartphone, which is why we've focused Buddy on really simple text messaging.

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3 Benefits

By using technology appropriately and responsibly, it can prove a useful tool to service users and clinicians alike. I think Buddy App is a really exciting development which can provide true benefits.

~ Notts Healthcare Trust Chief Executive, Professor Mike Cooke CBE

Buddy is a user friendly, interactive life planning tool which empowers individuals in their recovery journey.

~ Michael Duignan-Murphy, Service Development Manager, MCCH

You have to be responsible for making a change. Buddy points you in the direction and you do it yourself.

~ Service user, Female, 50

It was useful in sessions as I was able to recall the week, whereas normally I would forget.

~ Service user, Female, 26

Buddy became built into my daily life, it became part of my routine and that is good to have.

~ Service user, Male, 46
  • Offers rich insight into your client’s life in-between sessions

  • Creates more time in therapy to focus on goals and behaviour change

  • Reminds users of appointments and encourages them to set their own agendas

  • Provides behavioural activation tools to promote more effective recovery

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4 Get Buddy

We see Buddy being adapted for long-term conditions where there is a link between lifestyle behaviour, physical health and mental well-being. For now, we’re rolling out Buddy to support psychological therapy services for people with depression and anxiety, and in Early Intervention in Psychosis (EiP) services.

Contact us

Syed Abrar

020 7490 4573


Or email

Who is it for?

Because we believe in care at the intersection, Buddy was designed to be used by and with therapists, and is not intended to be available directly to individuals.

How is it priced?

We believe in simple, transparent pricing plans. The more users you make Buddy available for, the cheaper it is.

Contact us for details.

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5 Who is
behind this?

Buddy was created by Sidekick Studios. We are a social innovation company, passionate about using design and technology to tackle social problems. We believe in bringing together simple technologies and great design to create startups that matter. Buddy was our first venture and is born from our passion for creating 21st Century Therapy.

Buddy is currently being rolled out nationally, working with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Kent & Medway NHS Trust, West London Mental Health NHS Trust, North West Military Veterans IAPT and a number of other statutory and non-statutory providers.

Recognition, Awards & Press

  • Finalist 2012 for Innovation in Mental Health - HSJ Awards
  • Gold Award, Community & Social - The Lovie Awards
  • Published in the British Journal of Wellbeing
  • Published in the Social Work and Social Sciences Review Journal
  • Selected by National Endowment Society, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) as a radical digital public service
  • Real Business magazine 50 most exciting businesses in the UK 2011
  • Featured on BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours

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